Would you like to change something in your life?

What if I told you that the Moon can be used as a fantastically simple cosmic timer to help you create the life you dream of?

Well, it can. How do I know? Because it has worked for me and for hundreds, or even thousands, of my readers over the past decade and a half that I have been writing about manifesting with the Moon on my website, moonology.com. 

And now, with the information contained in this book, it can work for you too. You can become a powerful Moon manifestor, and consciously create your life. 

Yasmin xo

Yasmin Boland's new book MOONOLOGY

Getting in tune with the Moon has never been easier...

If you have dabbled in manifesting but so far not much has materialized, the information in my new book Moonology may well be the missing link you need...

It shows you how to work with the lunar energies to super-power your wishes and dreams. What many deliberate manifestors and conscious creators don't realize is that starting your manifesting process at the time of the New Moon dramatically boosts your chances of achieving your dreams. 

I managed to wish myself from Tasmania to Paris 

What are you going to do with your newly-supercharged wishing powers?

A taste of what you will learn in Moonology

1. New Moon Manifesting.

Once a month you will be encouraged to take some time out of your day to get really clear about what you want to manifest for your life. 

Getting clear is actually more than half the battle. 

Once you know what you want and you start to state your intentions to the Universe.

Once you start to feel those feelings in your body, you will start to manifest. 

Some wishes will come true quite quickly and others will need more working on. 

Moonology, the book, will show you all you need to know to practise New Moon manifesting. 

This books walks you through every step simply and easily...

2. Full Moon Forgiveness + Gratitude.

Two weeks later, when life comes to a peak, it's time to process your feelings. 

It's time to feel the love and let go, all the better to be a clear ringing bell when it comes back to manifesting time two weeks later. 

Full Moon forgiveness is an absolutly crucial and often overlooked part of the manifesting cycle. 

As long as you are harbouring ill feelings towards another person, you're putting the brakes on your ability to consciously create.

You will also learn about...

* Exactly how to make New Moon wishes 

* What the New Moon in each sign means 

* How to predict your future with the New Moon 

* Which angels and Goddesses to work with and which chakras to work on each lunation 

* What the New Moon in each house means for you based on your personal chart 

* How to plan your life with the New Moon, Full Moon and Daily Moon

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